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Jul 25, 2010 8:00am EDT
is very odd for two u.s. service members to go missing and in fact for them to just leave their base in kabul in a separate vehicle without other vehicles following them. many of us trying to figure out answers to these questions that baffled many within the material as well as journalists and as well as the civilian community. >> two soldiers left their base and went missing, and now government officials telling us one is dead and the other is being held by the taliban. atia, a lot of people might be wondering about the other five? there was a separate incident where five were killed. you also spoke about a taliban spokesperson calling you. that might sound strange to some people here in the u.s., but i want you to address the fact that the taliban, that the u.s. fighting there and does have a heck of a pr infrastructure there, and if can you address that for the viewers, and do we note condition of the second soldier now being held? >> reporter: well, when we talk about the condition of the second soldier, let's get to that. the spokesperson would not elaborate on that. when y
Jul 4, 2010 8:00am EDT
with a vice president would be arriving with their wife. perhaps an an indication on the u.s. perspective on the war. the biden's did attend several ceremonies, like a naturalization ceremony, and that was noted by the vice president that also congratulated the troops and said he had seen many signs of progress to include that he saw a traffic jam, and that was a wonderful thing. here is where we get into the issue of just how much the u.s. and iraqi perspective does differ. the traffic jam are a direct cause from check points, and there are huge areas of the city that are blocked bye-b blast wa. he will meet with senior iraqi officials as well as the political leadership. the government still has to be formed and political leaders have been at an impasse, especially when it comes to who the country's next president should be. >> again, on this interesting part of the story, to seat vice president's wife is along with him on this trip, and she had her own schedule. >> reporter: that's right. she does. she did join him in visiting the troops on the fourth of july, but she is a
Jul 18, 2010 8:00am EDT
close the deficit that exist, and bolster pakistani u.s. relations. there is never going to be any progress or success across the border without the help of pakistan, without pakistan doing more against extremist on this soil. for the u.s., getting pakistan to do more has not always been easy, because anti-sentiments are widespread here and there is a huge deficit between them, and that's why she is here to chip away at the anti-american sentiment. how she plans on doing it is by handing out billions of dollars of u.s. aid approved by the u.s. congress. second clinton is scheduled to unveil a number of programs that are designed to specifically address pakistan's biggest needs. they are an energy shortage, and water shortage, and the economy. t. j., the complaint you often here in pakistan is them saying the u.s. says they want to help, but we don't see the results or the details. tomorrow, secretary of state clinton is scheduled to retail some of the details, like improving on the power grid. and the goal is to get pakistan to do more against the fight against extremists. >> if an
Jul 11, 2010 8:00am EDT
one-on-one with former u.s. president, bill clinton. that's tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. >>> at 16 years young, i would say, she calls it the swim of a lifetime. but admits she was scared to death. next month, diane nyad will try to swim from cuba to miami. we are told she just finished a practice swim. she -- i guess she is just getting out of the water or just got out of the water? what is the status? how is diana feeling? >> reporter: as we speak, she is about to climb on to the latter. she just yelled out we made it. yesterday morning she went in and 8:19 she is coming out. her handlers are going to help her get back on the boat. last night it was pitch black and there was no moon, and it was been incredible to watch her go and go, they have been feeding her over the side and it's an incredible sight to see. >> this may be silly to ask, but is there any way we can speak to her? >> well, we are not on the same boat. but when we get her back to shore, you can speak to her. she is in good spirits, especially after swimming 24 hours. i could barely stay awake. >> why is she doing t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4